We are LEADA Cambs CIC, a non-profit organisation giving back to the Community.
Everyone involved in what we do is a member of the LEADA Community
Our base: Queen Mary Centre, Queens Road PE13 2PE
Company number: 11273254

Our values:

  • Creativity – recognising and enabling imagination and ideas to flourish
  • Community – a safe space where everyone’s contribution is valued
  • Friendship – genuine, meaningful connections are formed
  • Respect – earned through working together for everyone’s benefit
  • Trust – feeling supported and included
  • Inspiration – to be fearless and reach further than seems possible

Our Mission:
We believe everyone has hidden skills and talents. Through Creative Dramatic Arts, we aim to inspire individuals and the Community to strive, grow and feel empowered.

What do we do?
Drama classes for kids age 6 – 16+ (LEADA Drama)
Vocal classes for adults including those who think they can’t sing (Viva la Voce)
Bespoke Schools Projects
Performances of LEADA Drama kids and Viva adult choir

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Creative Director & Principal Tutor

Linda oversees the Drama and Vocal curriculum and her relaxed teaching style inspires collaborative exploration of ideas and confidence to grow. She is the driving force of LEADA which makes a difference to individuals and the local community.

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Finance & IT Director

Steve keeps a close eye on the finances, reports to the directors and files reports to Companies House, Inland Revenue, the Information Commissioner's Office and the CIC regulator. He also manages and maintains the website.

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Production & Stage Management Director

Charlie is experienced in Performing Arts, is a professional actor and is responsible for Theatre Production. He takes charge during the performances as Stage Manager, ensuring the cast and crew are safe and the performance runs smoothly.

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Child Safeguarding Director

Amy joined our team as a chaperone and workshop assistant in 2022. We are delighted that she is willing to take on the role of Safeguarding Director.

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Keith is the friendly face able to dispel nerves and make you feel at home. He is ready to help adults settle into the Viva classes and is a good listener. He has a dry Yorkshire wit and a "Can do" attitude.

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LEADA Tutors

Safeguarding Advisor

Lindzi has been LEADA's Safeguarding lead for many years. She's always a friendly face and an avid supporter of what LEADA does.

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Drama Tutor

Chloe is a guest tutor who is energetic, positive and kind, especially to our younger members. She loves seeing the children excited and engaged in their stories.

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Guest Choreographer

Brandon brings energy and enthusiasm to everything he does in choreography, performance and supporting the young people who love his style.

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Jo is creative and an excellent performer and role player. She makes everyone believe in what they do.

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Loves: Bones & Chasing!

Not so keen on: Cats!!!

Sneaks off with socks & shoes!

Our Volunteers and supporters

There are many who have been with us for a long time or who have recently joined us. They all bring their skills and passions and make what we do even better

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Why Join LEADA?
We provide unique Creative opportunities for our members. We do what they want to do! We work at their pace. We encourage, enable, teach and promote team work where the members’ choices are paramount. LEADA members own their work.But the best reason? LEADA is FUN!

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