LEADA Cambs CIC  (Company No: 11273254)

is all about Creative Dramatic Arts for everyone.

This is our Base: 

We are a Community Interest Company which means everything we do is for the PEOPLE in our COMMUNITY.
Any profits we make go back into the funds for Creative Dramatic Arts projects for the benefit of local people.

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Creative Director & Principal Tutor

Loves: Glitter

Not so keen on: earwigs

Black belt in Tae Kwondo

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Finance & IT Director

Loves: Drumming

Not so keen on: Country & Western

Quantum physics & cosmology nut

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Safeguarding Child Protection Director & Assistant Tutor

Loves: Stationery

Not so keen on: Feet

Massive collection of scarves

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Loves: Dancing to Coldplay

Not so keen on: Liquorice tea

Expert at playing Jungle Speed

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Guest Artists


Loves: Pokémon

Not so keen on: Spiders

Can lick her elbow

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Loves: Coffee

Not so keen on: Slime

Obsessed with everything Sci-Fi

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Loves: Sci-Fi

Not so keen on: Sand

Handy with a sword

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Loves: Post-dystopian fantasy novels

Not so keen on: Mariah Carey

Obsessively collects glass paper weights with seed bubbles inside

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Loves: Primula cheese squished between 2 Pringles

Not so keen on: Clapping along to music

Foretells the Future by reading the clouds

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Loves: Bones & Chasing!

Not so keen on: Cats!!!

Sneaks off with socks & shoes!

What do we do?
We make exciting things happen for kids and adults in our crazy, quirky classes. Once we reel you in, you’ll be hooked! To find out more go to Classes

Don’t take our word for it!
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What about opportunities for volunteers?
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Why Join LEADA?
We provide unique Creative opportunities for our members. We do what they want to do! We work at their pace. We encourage, enable, teach and promote team work where the members’ choices are paramount. LEADA members own their work.But the best reason? LEADA is FUN!

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