“Thanks for a great performance. The whole cast were great. You must be very proud of them. We were as parents of one but felt they were all of ours.”

Hayley, Parent

“She had attended since she was five and it is the one place she feels truly at ease. She is allowed to be herself and you channel and enhance her creative flair and love of Drama, whilst allowing each young person to retain their own unique style. Best wishes with your new classes. We will continue to promote them.”

Lorraine, Parent

“Well Done, Linda. Another great production under your belt but the first under your new flag!!! Long may it fly!”

Jo, Parent

“What I like about Drama is that I like making friends and doing plays because I like to sing and I like to dance. I just really, really like Drama.”

Charlie   First Stage

“I like that I can do my dream even if I am a child. I like to sing, dance, act and imagine the stories we do.”

Anastasia   First Stage

“I like singing and showing off!”

Alfie   First Stage

“LEADA is a place to let your ideas go free. It is so fun and you can do your own ideas. You never know what’s coming next.”

Tilly   Upstage

“A fantastic experience for all ages and is a wonderful place for making new friends.”

Sophie   Upstage

“I like Drama because Linda includes your ideas for the script.”

Cody   Upstage

“LEADA Drama is like life but with all the boring bits cut out.”

Emma   Upstage

“When you join LEADA, you don’t just join a class, you join a family.”

Anderson   Upstage

“Drama is AWESOME! You should come!

Cain   Upstage

“This is a place where both being yourself and a character intersect, where the more colourful characters are, out of script, real people.”

Christopher   Centre Stage

“LEADA is a great place to build your confidence and help you reach your full potential by giving you the freedom to adapt your own character and plot.”

Samantha   Centre Stage

“I think LEADA is a great place to come and learn Drama. You learn lots of new skills and meet some great people! I always look forward to coming to drama every week and I would 100% recommend it.”

Marla   Ex Centre Stage member

“LEADA truly helped me develop my confidence as a performer; providing me with knowledge that helped me on, and off, stage! The three years that I spent working with Linda still help me today, as I grow through university.”

Matthew   Youth Theatre worker

“Linda Ekins helped me along my performing arts path so much! In multiple ways, she gave me tools I needed to go out and work as a professional in the performing arts world! I will be forever thankful!”

Ashley   Professional performer



Viva La Voce members say…

“Thank you so much for tonight. I was very anxious as to whether it was for me. But it was brilliant. Everyone, yourself included are just lovely. And it is just what I needed. I’ll practice my breathing and my arpeggios during the week.”

“I really enjoyed Viva La Voce last time and am really grateful to you for putting it on. Thanks again for everything and I wish you guys all the best.”

“Who would have thought that in a few short months I was capable of singing in front of an audience!”

“A lot of fun, a lot of joy, a lot of laughs, a lot of friends! So good!”

“Fantastic! We have so much fun every week and I’ve gained so much confidence in singing. I’m trying things I never thought I’d do and learning the joy of singing in a choir.”

“A great opportunity to sing your socks off!”

“Great experience and friendly people. Confidence greatly improved. Look forward to Fridays.”

“From out of the bathroom and onto the stage
Sometimes we are naughty, sometimes well behaved
We’re Viva La Voce! We sing and we laugh
We all sing together but not in the bath!
We know you’d enjoy it if you came along
So broaden horizons and come sing a song!”