We love our volunteers! Without them our shows would be good but with them, they are fantastic!

We have volunteers from all backgrounds. They are:
Chaperones making sure the kids are safe
Backstage crew moving furniture, actors and props
Stage managers who make everything run smoothly
Carpenters, builders, painters, photographers and set dressers
Makers of props, costumes, masks and puppets
Hosts who run front of house and sell tickets
Fund raisers, helping to organise and set up events
Workshop assistants, helping the kids, getting everything ready
Adult Role-players in classes (budding actors are ideal!)
Funding bid writers
Make-up artists, Costume Dressers
Tea-makers, Stage hands, furniture shifters, caterers, floor-sweepers, runners…
Party animals with a wicked sense of humour and a Can-do attitude
People who want to make a difference and have fun

Our volunteers are parents and family members, ex LEADA members, Centre Stage members, Queen Mary Centre Volunteers, Students training in Drama, Performing Arts, Film, Hair and Beauty, Fashion, Education, Sound and Lighting Tech, young people and young adults looking for experience in a Creative Arts career and members of the local Community.If you want to be a LEADA Volunteer, please contact linda@leada.biz.

If you are working with children, you will need two references and a current DBS certificate. Not got one? We’ll sort that out for you. There is no cost to you.

Want to know more? Look at our Volunteers Policy.

Please see T&Cs.