“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn”

– Confucian proverb

Our classes are a bit different from what you expect.

We provide everything you hope for:
New things to think about
Fun activities
New friends
Develop your talents
Build your confidence
Opportunities to shine

Our members decide what they want to do, how it will happen and where they are going. The tutors have a plan but that is made to fit the class, the individuals and the time frame so there are opportunities to explore ideas which occur in a session.

Mum: “What did you do in Drama today?”
Five-year-old First Stage member: “It was brilliant! I had an idea and they all listened and then everyone did my idea!”

Get excited and share your ideas!

LEADA Drama Classes
for kids age 6 – 16+
Viva La Voce – singing
classes for adults