Diana (8) is now a confident role player and takes part in Marmalade Cake with the LEADA Company at Peckover House.

Anderson (12) has discovered his voice, strong and rich and is rapidly becoming a confident and talented singer.

Anya (13) understands what her character feels and as a result, her performances are totally believable.

Jake (17) won most improved Performer in the senior Summer Workshop. Jake said to Linda, after telling a rather risqué joke, “It’s your fault – you made me confident!”



First Stage members are rewarded with a certificate. Older members are recognised for their efforts in developing their skills and their contribution to the success of shows. Those who have worked exceptionally hard, made a significant contribution or have made impressive progress are rewarded with a trophy.

Best Newcomer – awarded to those who joined the class this year and made a significant contribution.

Most Improved Performer – awarded to those who have made a significant improvement in performance skills since last year.

Company Cup – awarded by the cast for going beyond what is expected to make the show a success. Nominees have been a good friend, helped others to learn their lines or moves, been inspirational or motivated the group when times get tough.

Best Newcomers – Felipe, Augustas, Connor
Most Improved Performer – Alina
Outstanding performance – Christopher
Best vocal performance – Emma
Best Dancer – Julia
Company Cup – Emma



Best Dancer – Julia
Best Newcomer – Charlie
Most Improved Performer – Tilly
Company Cup – Alex