LEADA Company are a mix of professional and amateur Actors and Performing Artists, who collaborate to create new theatre. LEADA class members are sometimes invited to participate as role players.

LEADA Company respond to current issues and cultural events and are commissioned to create work which commemorates and celebrates historical events or the lives of significant local people. Their diverse creative work includes: plays: comedy, historical, social commentary, Living History events, schools’ projects and training events.

The company meet when working on a project which may be commissioned or may be something sparked by one or more of the actors.


More recent projects:

Written by Linda Ekins and developed by LEADA Company, this was commissioned by Peckover House (National Trust) to commemorate the centenary of Octavia Hill’s death. Octavia was born in Wisbech, at what is now as the Octavia Hill Birthplace Museum, on the other side of the river from Peckover House. Inspired by her letters, this story tells of her work, her passion and the founding of the National Trust.

Another commission from Peckover House (National Trust) Sisters on the Brink, provides a glimpse of events following the month after their father Lord Peckover, Baron of Wisbech, dies in November 1919. This warm and poignant play describes a time of change for the Nation and the Peckover sisters who found themselves on the Brink of a new life with social challenges and responsibilities to the people of Wisbech.

Mrs Beeton was a determined young woman who is known for being a great cook and seen as a middle-aged mother of the Nation. Not entirely true. She wasn’t a good cook and she died young leaving her husband to continue writing her books. LEADA produced this humorous and engaging play, exploring the issues facing women of her time.

Living History Events:

LEADA Company, in role as Kitchen staff at Peckover House, transport visitors to 1870, the year of Alexandrina’s 10th Birthday. The kitchen is buzzing with excitement and speculation about current events. Marmalade Cake, made with oranges from the orangery at Peckover House, was a favourite birthday-tea treat and their cat, Marmie loved it too.

LEADA Company transports visitors to Peckover House in 1870 where Alexandrina, her sisters, friends and the kitchen staff get excited about Christmas. LEADA Company create the magic through interactive improvised role play and the smell of Christmas baking and visitors get to stir the pudding and make a wish.